Friday, January 18, 2008

Yankee's Top Prospects - Best Tools

BA ranks the Yanks' top prospect by tools -

Best Hitter for Average Jose Tabata
Best Power Hitter Jesus Montero
Best Strike-Zone Discipline Brett Gardner
Fastest Baserunner Brett Gardner
Best Athlete Austin Jackson
Best Fastball Joba Chamberlain
Best Curveball Joba Chamberlain
Best Slider Joba Chamberlain
Best Changeup Edwar Ramirez
Best Control Ian Kennedy
Best Defensive Catcher Francisco Cervelli
Best Defensive Infielder Alberto Gonzalez
Best Infield Arm Marcos Vechionacci
Best Defensive Outfielder Austin Jackson
Best Outfield Arm Seth Fortenberry

It is important to keep in mind that TM (Phil) is no longer a 'prospect' for the purposes of BA rankings. If he were I'm sure he'd rank as Best Curve.

For the purposes of going forward, I'd like to see them re-rank the pitchers without Joba; we know he's the goods, who's next, though?

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