Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Johan Watch Day 100

Buster Olney has an meaningless article today. He stateson ESPN.com today ;
Executives involved in the Johan Santana trade talks expect the Minnesota Twins to make their decision soon, perhaps as early as Tuesday..
Catches your eye huh? Decision could come today! The saga is finally over and we can all move on with our lives! Quickly, lets move on...so how are we going to work through the innings issue with the big three? Is Wang going to get signed to an extension?...Wait a second, not so fast. Later in the article;
The Twins could weigh the offers and decide to keep Santana into spring training, in the hope that a more aggressive market for the left-hander develops.
So the decision to not make a decision could come today? Thanks Buster for the breaking non-news.

Update: Ok, Buster looks better since a decision was made today but can he not hedge by saying they will decide whether to keep kim through Spring Training? If you think you have a story have the guts to say so.

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