Friday, July 25, 2008

The Best News of the Day

Today was a good day in Yankeeland but the best news I am sure most of you missed.

It's not Joba becoming our ace and beating the sox or the trade that fills two of the Yankees biggest holes - a right handed bat and a lefty out of the pen and it wasn't even Joba punking out Youkilis again (what did he do to piss Joba off!).

The best news of the day comes to us via;

"Hughes is slated to start and pitch two innings on Monday for the GCL Yankees"....

but that's not it...wait for it....

"Pavano is tentatively scheduled to toss two frames on Tuesday for the same club, assuming that a batting-practice session goes as expected on Saturday. "

Finally, Carl is on his way back! Now the Yankees are unstoppable!

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