Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tex Now Makes No Sense

As the Braves have more stars on the DL than off, and at an expected $20mm+ per year price tag, look for Mark Texiera to be moved prior to Thursday's trade deadline. With Giambi a free agent after this season, the Yanks will have significant interest in the star 1B. Look for that interest to come, however, in the off season, not at the deadline.

Don't get me wrong...a player of Texiera's talent always makes sense. For the Yankee current roster, however, I think it creates too many issues.

As a gold-glove 1B and switch hitter, Tex would play 1st every day. With 1B occupied Giambi would be relegated to DH duty. With Giambi at DH, Damon would have to play LF. With Damon in LF, where would Nady play?

One potential solution would be to trade or bench Melky, move Damon to center and play Nady in left. As we've seen before, our D takes a pretty good hit with Johnny in CF.

A more probable outcome is that the Yanks pass on Tex for now and go after him this off season when Giambi is gone. Being a Scott Boris client, we most likely do not have to worry about Tex signing with the team that trades for him before hitting free agency this winter.

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