Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hey Hedgehog...SHUT UP!

Good god, it's part of the game! Yeah, I know, Joba has it in for you...and yeah, I know, he's almost dented that massive melon on more than one occasion, but for crying out loud, I haven't heard this much whining since my 4 year old's best friend went to Disney without her! 

Also, it seems that it's not even Joba's fault! Check this quote from the Dread Sox's site

Joba Chamberlain has an explanation for the ball always heading for Kevin Youkilis' head.

He said that Kevin's head is so big and dense that it has its own gravitational pull.

I completely believe it!

Here's an idea for ya, dirtbag - if you wanna get back at Joba, try hitting the ball instead of wildly flailing at sliders in dirt that end up in the lefty batter's box!

Apparently, most of the (sane) world agrees with me. Check some examples -

and Here

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