Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pudge a GREAT Move

Kyle Farnsworth for Pudge Rodriguez - what a really great move by Cashman.

While Pudge no longer has the power of his earlier (unquestionably aided) days, I-Rod still carries a nice batting average (.295), is extremely productive, still possesses a canon right arm, and is highly motivated in that he's playing for what should be his last contract. Both Farns and I-Rod are scheduled to become free agents after this season, so this is a matter of 2 teams swapping veterans from strength to help solve a weakness.

The new Yankee line-up - 

Damon - L
Jeter - R
Abreu -L
A-Rod - R
Giambi - L
I-Rod - R
Cano - L
Nady - R
Cabrera - S

Wow - That's a balanced, powerhouse lineup!

Another stroke of brilliance regarding this trade is that not only does it help us this year and not bind us to a long term contract, but also we swapped a probable type B free agent for a certain type A and the enhanced draft picks that come along with it.

Any more questions about the Yanks maybe selling?

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EdB said...

I would probably bat nady in I-rod's place but great points nonetheless.

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