Friday, July 25, 2008

How is Joba's fastball doing?

One of the big questions with Joba moving to the rotation was how would his fastball velocity be affected by the additional innings. The premise being that Joba the reliever was going at maximum effort for 1 or 2 innings and Joba the starter would not be able to maintain that level of effort.

So we start with Joba's velocity as a reliever which was third best in baseball at 95.8 miles per hour on average.

As a starter Joba's fastball actually rates a little better, tied for first in baseball among starters but down a bit at 94.9 miles per hour.

But what about his velocity late in games?His late start against Oakland ended like this;
95 mph Fastball
96 mph Fastball
100 mph Fastball
98 mph Fastball

Joba is the real deal as a starter or a reliever. He stuff translates well to starting or relieving.

He is the kind of prospect that comes along once every 20 years. Wherever he is it is something special to watch.

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