Monday, July 28, 2008

Sir Sid Puts up a Clunker

We can't be all THAT upset - 

1. 2 of 3 @ Fenway is a Win
2. We aren't going to pitch to a 1.53 ERA for the whole second half
3. It IS Sidney Ponson

Sid has pitched fairly well for us, but we all have to remember - he has a career ERA+ of 91, a career WHIP of 1.47 and has switched teams 7 times in his career for a reason. Sidney Ponson is NOT the long term answer to the Yanks' needs.

As with Chacon and Aaron Small, Cashman is trying (and so far succeeded) to catch lightning in a bottle with Raz and Sir Sid until more viable options present themselves. 

Once the M's come back down to earth and realize dumping Washburn's salary is enough of a plus for them, we can replace Sid's career ERA+ of 91 with Washburn's career ERA+ of 108 (ugh).

The Rasner/Ponson experiment needs to end now; we have gotten as much as we can from these 2 and we need to move on. Replacing these 2 with Washburn and Kennedy until Wang and Hughes are ready is a move we need to make now. 

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