Thursday, July 3, 2008

Six Sigma

4 vs. Boston and 2 vs Tampa Bay.

The next week will go a long way in making the 2nd half run an easier stretch, or making it a really tough road to hoe.

Those feisty Rays are playing like they have yet to wake up, and the Sox, while certainly flawed, are never an easy opponent.

Thursday: LHP Jon Lester (6-3, 3.48) vs. LHP Andy Pettitte (9-5, 3.98), 7:05, YES
Friday: RHP Josh Beckett (7-5, 3.65) vs. RHP Darrell Rasner (4-4, 4.22), 1:05, YES
Saturday: RHP Justin Masterson (4-2, 3.75) vs. RHP Mike Mussina (10-6, 3.87), 3:55, FOX
Sunday: RHP Tim Wakefield (5-6, 3.72) vs. RHP Joba Chamberlain (2-2, 2.22) vs. 8:05, ESPN
Mnday: Off Day
Tuesday: RHP Matt Garza (6-4, 3.76) vs. Sidney Ponson (5-1, 4.19)
Wednesday: RHP Scott Kazmir (7-3, 2.63) vs. Andy Pettitte (9-5, 3.98)

PeteAbe reports that there are whispers that the Sox may call up Clay 'Computer Boy' Buchholz for Saturday's game.

If the Yanks want, they could skip Ponson and throw Pettitte and Rasner vs the Rays (probably a good idea!).

Both series being at home, I think it's imperative that we show some nuts and kick some butt. 4-2 would be enough, but I really want a 5-1 stretch. The obvious game of worry is the matinee Friday pitting Rasner against Joshy Blisters. If we can turn that one into a battle of the 'pens we can win.

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