Thursday, July 24, 2008

In Order...

At the break the Yanks were 5.5 out of the wild card lead; the standings looked like this-

Minn -2.5
Oak   -4.5
NYY  -5.5

The schedule after the break had us playing (in order) Oak, Minn then Boston. 

After sweeping the A's the standings read - 

Minn -2
NYY -3

And now, after sweeping the Twinkies - 

NYY -3

We have dispatched with the A's, then the Twins, now it's time for a good old fashioned ass-whoopin' up at Fenway to put us in a tie with the choke-sox for the wild card lead and no worse than .5 out of the division lead. 

Let The Massacre begin!

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Anonymous said...

t'would be sweetness if they sweep away bawston. that would kill rs fans.

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