Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sell? Get Real!

Many writers, bloggers and fans have been talking about the Yanks' as possible sellers into the trade deadline. I have one question for the lot of them...what the hell are you smoking?

6 games behind the Sox for the division and a half game closer to the wild card, the Yanks once again have their sights set on a 2nd half postseason run.

With Joba in the rotation along with Pettitte and Moose, they make for a very solid top 3. If the Yanks could add a healthy Erik Bedard by the deadline, our rotation would rival any in baseball.

The offense has vastly underperformed so far this year. Adding Richie Sexson will help add some thump vs lefties and off the bench, and a productive Cano will help the O get back on track.

Assume for a moment that we were more like 10 games back and selling was actually a good idea; while we have some chips teams might be interested in, what could we get back? Abreu, Moose, Giambi, Farnsworth, (a healthy) Damon might all garner some interest for teams in the hunt. As each are going to be free agents after the year, we certainly would not receive much back for them. The one possible trade chip we may receive something of value back for would be the 2-headed CF duo of Melky/Gardner. Trading one of these 2 is certainly not selling, though. Trading either of our under 25 CF'ers would be buying. 

All of this talk about selling whether by writers or even by Cash himself is mildly amusing. In his usual stealth manner, Cashman is simply throwing the competition off his trail by hinting at a Yankee sale. Don't get fooled - its not gonna happen!

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Anonymous said...

Damon is signed through 09.

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