Saturday, July 26, 2008

Joba and The Hedgehog

While the timing leads me to believe that it wasn't on purpose, when you look at the history it sure seems The Hedgehog dissed Joba's momma, doesn't it?

In a 1-0 game I cannot see Joba wanting to put the lead off man on regardless of how much he may hate Youkilis. 

But as this is now the 3rd game where it looks like Joba was headhunting Youkilis, and as Joba's control was pretty impeccable all night (1 walk in 7ip), you gotta think that something's going on.

Having put up with A-Rod and Jeter getting plunked a couple of times every series, and having withstood Pedro's headhunting ways, I have no problem with Joba letting loose with a little chin music from time to time. It's an attitude we have lacked since Clemens was throwing shattered bats at crosstown catchers. 

While I dislike Youkilis, I would like to see Joba bring the ball down a hair when getting a batter to move his feet. Brush-back is one thing...true head hunting is quite another.

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