Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Yankees Dirty Little Secret

I don't hear it talked about much but I sure hear it every time the Red Sox are in town. Its the growing number of Red Sox fans that have invaded Yankee Stadium to make it Fenway south. Yesterday they seemed to have completely overrun the stadium and as a Yankee fan I find it tough to swallow. Yankee fans are supposed to be tough, passionate and sometimes over the top insane but clearly the makeup of our crowd has change to the point where Red Sox fans feel comfortable coming into Yankee Stadium and screaming at the top of their lungs. If you dispute my take of things go play the highlight video of Lowell's home run and listen to the crowd's reaction.

Of course the standard reaction of Yankee fans when you bring this up is there are a lot of Bostonians in New York just like there are a lot of New Yorkers in Boston. Then I ask why don't you hear the same roar from the crowd in Boston when the Yankees hit a big home run?

It pains me to write this but the truth of the matter is Boston fans have made themselves very comfortable in the Bronx. So I ask why doesn't anyone mention it?


LostOnA1WayRoad said...

There are a ton of Red Sox Fans anywhere the Sox play in the country, hence Red Sox Nation, but more so at Yankee Stadium because it is harder to get a ticket to a Red Sox vs. Yankee game at Fenway because of the lack of seats there, and the loyalty of the Sox Fans. At Yankee Stadium, there are more seats, but the Yankee fans arent as loyal as Red Sox fans, I mean, at the end of Thursdays game, the place was practically empty after the 7th, at Fenway Sox fans would be there untill the very end. What it all comes down to though, is the Red Sox fans are way more loyal than Yankee fans, the Yankees will never admit it, but deep down everyone knows its true.

Anonymous said...

There are Sox fans everywhere, like lostana1wayroad said hence the name Red Sox Nation. There are more fans coming to Yankee Stadium, but thats because of the amount of seats in Yankee stadium. You don't hear Yankee Nation, lostan1wayroad don't you think the reason why the fans left Thursday game is because they knew that they had already lost, I know why Sox fans stayed because they wanted to see the Red Sox kill the Yankees, I would like to see the Yankees kill the Sox.

Anonymous said...

Like lostan1wayroad said there are Red Sox fans everywhere, hence the name Red Sox Nation. You don't hear people saying Yankee Nation. The reason why Yankee fans left the game on Thursday night is because the Yankee fans knew they weren't going to win. Plus, the traffic in New York can drive someone nuts. But, don't you think the Red Sox fans stayed because they were killing the Yankees. If the Yankees were killing the Red Sox in Boston don't you think that Sox fans will leave the game. Remember 2004 ALCS Game 3 when the Yankees killed the Red Sox 19-8, i think there were only Yankee fans left. The Bronx is not becoming South Boston, never. The only reason the Red Sox fans are more "loyal" than the Yankee fans are because over the last few years who dominated the East. Let's say if the Yankees dominated the East every year since 2000 i bet the Yankee fans would be more loyal.

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