Monday, April 14, 2008

Boston Still Owns April

The Yankees simply can't beat the Sox in April;
2007 1-5
2006 0-0
2005 3-3
2004 1-5
2003 0-0
2002 1-3
2001 3-4
2000 0-0
Total Record 9-20 in April.
Simply put, when the Sox and Yankees meet in April the Red Sox win.

How about when the games really count(Aug/Sept)?

2007 5-1
2006 1-3

2005 3-3
2004 3-3
2003 3-3
2002 4-1

2001 6-0
2000 3-1
Record in Aug/Sept, 28-15.

I know I would rather it this way...let them own the games early but late in the season, close to playoff time when we can get inside their heads, I want to win.

So calm down Yankee fans this is the way its supposed to be and really, would you have it any other way?


Anonymous said...

No, I wouldnt have is any other way; I really couldnt have said it any better than you!

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked all wins counted as 1 so I don't see how Aug/Sept "really count". Whether they win in April, August, or September they count the same and shouldn't be looked at any different. Why don't we take a look at November?

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