Saturday, April 26, 2008

Phil Mushnick is a Total Idiot

Phil Mushnick has been writing for the NY Post for as long as I can remember. And for as long as I can remember Phil Mushnick has killed John Sterling in his articles. At least once a month Mushnick makes a point of berating John in his worthless column

In yesterday's Post (NY Post, not blog post) Mushnick is at it again spewing his usual ignorant, hateful crap in the direction of the Voice of the Yankees. The only points Mushnick brings up in his article are based on John making an "it is high..." call when the ball is not a home run. Travesty!

I am certainly not alone in my loathing of Phil Mushnick.

While neither am I a fan of the broadcast work of Joe Morgan, he said the following about Mushy -

If I were someone that let my anger get control, I would fly into New York, find out where you live, run my rental car into your front door, punch you with my fists until you lost all your teeth, shave your head and legs, and make you apologize for being so rude and bald.

This country was founded on the right to Free Speech, but it’s a right that you should only use when you know what you’re saying, and you can say what you’re saying with some authority. Otherwise, you should just be quiet and let smart people talk.

Wow - nice job from Joe on this one! While he makes absolutely no salient points (I should be surprised?), Joe M does a nice job in pointing out 2 things - 1. Mushnick needs his ass kicked, and, 2. He's an absolute idiot who has no clue what he is talking about.

The outrage against Mushnick isn't limited to baseball and its announcers, though. For years Mushy has actively campaigned against pro wrestling and its fans. He...well, watch this and you'll get the point -

This guy is obviously a little 'over-the-top', but his point is valid. I'm not a wrestling fan, but to call the millions and millions of people who are, stupid rednecks who do a bad job of raising their children passes the point of arrogant elitism by a wide margin.

In one article Mushnick wrote of Steven A. Smith -

Could it be that Smith's urban street-hip brotha yak which he seems able to turn on and off with the drop of a Kangol is supposed to appeal/pander to young, urban, street-talkin' sports fans?

Deadspin felt forced to react to this column with -

We usually try here to avoid the rantings of fundamentalist Christian stick-in-mud New York Post media columnist Phil Mushnick. He seems to be living in a world that's different than ours, one where all television executives are apparently closet kiddie porn enthusiasts. But we couldn't help but notice his newest column, in which he hammers ESPN "personality" Stephen A. Smith so relentlessly that it kind of weirded us out...

Regarding the same column, Can't Stop the Bleeding said -

The Mushminded One would have you believe that that Smith's spiel requires a Jive Translator a la "Airplane." Which isn't just an exaggeration, it's a full-fledged slur.

There is an old saying - Those who can't do, teach. I'm gonna take that saying one step further - Those who can't do, teach; those too stupid to teach, critique. Mushnick has no appreciable skill other than to negatively critique other people's work. And because he is too stupid and never done any of them himself, is unable to teach others the skills he is critiquing.

Mushnick is the worst kind of bigoted, racist, ignorant, arrogant creep - one with a stage and an obvious grudge against people who do the things he wishes he was talented and smart enough to do.

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