Saturday, April 12, 2008

Offensive Slumber Continues

The one thing we knew coming into this season was this team was going to score a lot of runs. After 12 games that is pretty much all that hasn't happened. The bullpen has been good outside of Hawkins and Farnsworth but we knew that, Wang has looked great, Moose has a pulse, and we have manufactured runs in tight spots. However, the bats are still asleep. The main culprits have been Damon, Giambi and Cano. Last year a lot was made of all the Yankee lefties not hitting to start the season and except for Abreu the same has happened this year. Maybe these guys are just not that good. I believe that Cano will bounce back but really Giambi and Damon are two guys that look done. I am sure Damon will have a hot streak and get his numbers near respectability and Giambi will hit some HRs but really these two guys need to be far away from crutial spots in the lineup. When Jeter Returns I want a lineup like this;
I am not crazy about Matsui directly behind ARod because he runs so hot and cold but right now Cano doesn't look ready for it. Let Giambi play against soft throwing righties and keep Damon away from the top of the lineup. He is no longer a good hitter and combine that with the fact that he can no longer field and you have a player who is no longer any good , the end.

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david p said...

giambi is DONE! Lets look at last year. Once Giambi got injured and the yanks finally ended up ith Andy P on first, the big rally came about and offense was popping! Then when Giambi came back for the playoffs and Torre thought he had to find a place for him, the chemistry went haywire and you know the rest.

Once Joe G figures this out and Giambi is out as a starter, well see the offense pop. Giambi is terrible for chemistry and a sure out. (not to mentioned constantly hits into double plays)

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