Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2008 Predictions - Baseball Version

We previously made our predictions for Yankee-land, but it is time for my (Bombers GM may disagree) 2008 standings predictions.

AL East
Yankees 97-65
Red Sox 91-71
Blue Jays 89-73
Rays 82-80
Orioles 52-110

AL Central
Tigers 101-61
Indians 95-67 (WC)
Twins 84-68
Royals 81-81
White Sox 75-87

AL West
Mariners 92-70
Angels 90-72
Rangers 81-81
A's 75-87

East - Phillies
Central - Cubs
West - D'Backs
WC - Mets

AL Playoffs
Mariners over Tigers
Yankees over Indians

Yanks over Mariners in 5

NL Playoffs
Phillies over D'Backs
Cubs over Mets

Cubs over Phillies in 7

WS - Yankees over Cubs

Cy Young-
AL - Rich Harden
NL - Johan Santana

AL - A-Rod
NL - Derrick Lee

1 comment:

Brian said...

The Tigers are not winning 101 games with that rotation and that bullpen.

Mags and Placido will regress and they'll get awful defense from Miggy.

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