Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A-Rod Saga is Over

Based on the introductions last night and the general level of drama surrounding A-Rod this spring I really feel that the A-Rod soap opera is over. He has become simply the best player on our team and is no longer going to judged at-bat to at-bat. He isn't even the main story line this year, that is the performance of the kids. Jack Curry over at the times disagrees, but this is just another case of how the mainstream media misses the point. Curry titled his article "Rodriguez’s Opt-Out: A Mess That Sticks" but actually makes no concrete argument that the mess has indeed stuck. As a Yankee fan, and a former A-Rod hater, I can say that this is a non-story to me. A-Rod is here for 10 years and is the best player in baseball. The opt-out and drama of the offseason is no longer a story and I feel that most fans agree.

I wonder how much longer the media will try and make a story out of this? It is no longer one. A-Rod is officially a Yankee.

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Anonymous said...

I think the multiple MVP chants for him early in the game would show most fans agree with you.

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