Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't Lose the Faith

I agree with my blog-mate that Phil needs to be sent to SWB. He cannot be allowed to continue to be knocked around and thus lose confidence in his abilities.

Everyone needs to remember, though, that Phil is 21 years old. We need to remember the level of domination that he exhibited throughout his minor league career. We need to remember that this is the same guy who was essentially our best starter from September 1 through the (short) postseason. More importantly though, Phil needs to remember that.

When you are as talented as Hughes is you don't simply lose that talent between October and April. When the talent is there, there are 3 things that can get in the way of being successful - 1. mechanics, 2. approach and 3. injury. As we have heard nothing of an injury I believe we are talking about the first two in Hughes' case. If either (or both, in Phil's case) of these things are off it will get in the way of the talent providing success.

Both approach and mechanics are far easier to repair at AAA than with the big league team. We need to send Phil down and let him work these issues out without the pressure of being in front of 55,000 fans at the stadium, without the pressure of facing an amazing lineup like the Tigers, and without the pressure of trying to carry his load to help the Yankees win.

I have no doubt that Phil will be able to work out his issues. I am still supremely confident that choosing to keep Phil over trading for Johan was the right move. I am still quite certain that Hughes will be an ace in the Yankee rotation for many, many years to come. Everyone has warned that there will be growing pains and that it will take patience...this is exactly what they meant.

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