Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Melky Love Returns

All through the offseason the conversation centered on keeping The Big Three. The question was is Santana worth Hughes and Kennedy? Should we trade our pitching future for the here and now? The forgotten man in all of this was Melky Cabrera. Melky is one of those players who is worth a lot more to our team then his stats might say. He has the ability in infuse enthusiasm and energy into the corporate Yankee atmosphere and has a clear flare for the dramatic. I was reminded of how special a player Melky is last night watching a crisp, clean Yankee win and I just can't help but be grateful that the Santana trade fell through.

I understand why some say this season might have to be sacrificed while our young pitchers get settled (especially in the postseason), but the energy of Melky, combined with the promise of The Big Three, should be a lot more fun to watch over the next 10 years then another high priced mercenary.

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