Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A-Rod to Short Would be a Mistake

With DJ out for a while with a strained quad, some people are clamoring to get A-Rod moved to short until Jeet comes back. Dumb move.

At 4-4 due to an anemic offense, the Yanks are not exactly tearing the cover off the ball. The last thing we need is A-Rod worried about trying to make the temporary transition back to shortstop. We have seen what can happen when a player is too worried about his position in the field and the effect it can have on their offensive performance, and taking anything away from A-Rod's O would add to an already big problem.

In addition to the offensive issue, moving A-Rod back to short might significantly hurt the Yankee defense as well. By his own admission A-Rod has not even taken a grounder in practice at SS for 5 years. While he was one of the best in the league 5 years ago, and while he probably wouldn't have an issue moving back there, it is, again, not a chance worth taking.

Call up defensive whiz Alberto Gonzalez and allow him to hit at the bottom of the order until DJ returns.

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