Sunday, April 27, 2008


With 1 out, Damon on 3rd, Melky on 1st in the top of the 9th of a tie game, up stepped The Captain to win the game.

Jeet hit a bullet up the middle which very easily could have been a game winning hit. Unfortunately the ball bounced off the side of the mound and ended up an inning ending double play.

As Jeet was walking up to the plate I was wishing for a squeeze. We had our best bunter at the plate, 2 very good runners on base, and needed only 1 of those runs to get the ball to Mo. Maybe not a suicide squeeze (though with Jeet you could), but a safety squeeze in that spot seemed the perfect way to score the run and stay out of the DP that we were unlucky enough to hit into.

With all the talk about JG being a 'National League Style' manager, I was thinking that was a perfect time to show it.

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