Friday, April 11, 2008

Yanks - Sox

As the first Yankee Red Sox war is upon us, it's time to compare the teams.

1B - Youkilis vs Giambi -Both are likely to put up OBP over .400, but Giambi should do it with power. If he could stay healthy the edge would go to the Yanks; Edge Sox

2B - Cano vs Pedroia - Despite the rantings of certain on-air personalities about how much of a 'winner' and 'gamer' Pedroia is, Cano is in the upper echelon of second baseman behind only Chase Utley. Edge Yanks

3B - Lowell vs A-Rod - Lowell had a career year last year which he is unlikely to repeat. A-Rod had a monster year last year which he has a chance to repeat. It's really no contest. Edge Yanks

SS - Lugo vs Jeter - Even hurt Jeets takes this one easily. Edge Yanks

C - Varitek vs Posada - Varitek's last 2 years: 2006 - .238 12 HR 55 RBI, 2007 - .255 17 HR 68 RBI. Jorge's past 2 years: 2006 - .277 19 HR 71 RBI, 2007 - .338 20 HR 90 RBI. Duh - Edge Yanks

LF - Manny vs Damon - Manny is in his walk year and has a lot to prove after a somewhat (by his standards, anyway) lackluster 2007. Damon has vowed to prove he's still one of the top players in the game, but Manny is one. Edge Sox

CF - Ellsbury vs Cabrera - At this point in their careers, Melky is more of a known quantity than is Ellsbury...keep in mind, however, that Melky is a FULL YEAR YOUNGER. Melky is hitting .320 with a .400 OBP. Ellsbury is on the interstate at .176 with a .300 OBP. For now - Edge Yanks

RF - Drew vs Abreu - It being his walk year, Bobby A is on the precipice of a monster season. JD Drew is...well, disinterested. Drew was miserable last year and I don't see anything to suggest that will change. Edge Yanks

Game 1 Starter - Buchholz vs Wang - CMW has been lights out so far this year sporting a 2-0 record and 1.38 ERA, while Clay "Lap-Top" Buchholz gave up 4 runs in 6 innings in his only start thus far. Given that this is The Cat Burgler's first taste of Yankee/Sox rivalry, and that CMW rocks - Edge Yanks

Game 2 Starters - Beckett vs Mussina - Moose looked great in his last start, and Beckett has been slowed by a bad back since late in spring training. Every person in Bristol has anointed Beckett the MLB standard against which every 'Ace' should be measured; I don't buy it. Until 'Joshy Blister' can do it in back-to-back seasons I consider him very much like his ex Marlin teammate AJ Burnett - tons of potential, but still a question mark. Edge Sox

Game 3 Starters - Maszuzaka vs TM - Dice-K has been worth every penny of the $7 trillion Theo (The Boy Wonder) spent on him last year. 3 starts, 18ip, 22Ks, 1.47 era. His problem, though is that he is going up against The Messiah. Phil's last start was one to forget about, but as he proved in the postseason, he shines under pressure. While many would disagree, Edge Even

Closers - Papplepuss vs Mariano - First, calling Papplepuss better than Mariano right now is like saying Joba is better than Goose may become true (doubtful), but we're a long way from knowing for sure. A-Rod has got to be in Papplepusses head a little, and no one gets in Mo's head. Edge Yanks

Set-Up - Okajima/Delcarmen/Lopez/Corey vs Joba/Ohley/Farns/Hawkins - While none of us are happy having Farns on our list, the fact is that Joba makes our 'pen so good that it is hard for anyone to match up. Add to it that Ohley's been throwing 94 mph bowling balls and - Edge Yanks

The Yanks take 6 of 8 positions and the bullpen, and the starting pitching is a wash (eh... maybe slightly toward the Sox' favor). If only to make a statement I hope we go up their and kick their tails.

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