Friday, April 18, 2008

General Joe Rant #2

It's really unfortunate that rant #2 has to be essentially the same topic as rant #1, but for god's sake can we please acknowledge that the only true threat right now in the Red Sox lineup is Manny and not give him anything to hit??

The guy is hitting like .800 vs us, higher against Moose, and had already cost us a game over the weekend. How flipping hard is it to make the decision that we are not going to let him beat us?

Every lineup has one person that should not be allowed to hurt you - with Fat Papi hitting half his weight, Manny is obviously that guy. Unless it's Mo, The Beast, or bases loaded late in a tie game, Manny has been so hot that we either plunk him in the arse (NOT behind his head, Farnsy!) with the first pitch or put 4 in the dirt without hesitation.

Might not have made a difference last night, but certainly we would have had a much better chance at winning if Manny had simply been handed 1st base.

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