Thursday, April 17, 2008

Your First Place NY Yankees

For the 1st time this season the Yanks are 2 games over .500 at 9-7, and sit tied with everyone's favorite pretenders in 1st place. The bats have seemingly come to life, and for the most part the pitching is coming together.

Even with the shelling CMW took last night, there were good pitching signs in the game. The Hawk calmed things down with 2 impressive scoreless innings. In his last 5 appearances, Hawk has 7 ip, 4h, 0er, 5Ks - 5 of those shutout innings have come against the Red Sox allowing only 2 hits.

Brian Bruney looked awesome in the 8th last night hitting 97 on the gun and generally looking dominant.

Hopefully Moose can continue his rebirth and keep the Sox in check long enough for us to put a whoopin' on Joshy Blister tonight.

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