Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Phil Hughes Needs to be Sent Down

This goes against what I usually think about young pitchers but Phil needs to be sent down to work out his problems. He is starting to get that deer in the headlights look ala Jose Contreras, Jeff Weaver, Javier Vasquez and he needs to be saved before he is ruined. Some numbers to make the morning coffee go down;
  • 9.00 Era
  • 2.14 Whip
  • .362 BAA
  • 1/1 Strikeout to Walk Ratio
  • Lefties are hitting .410 against him

Those numbers are worse then Tyler Clippards 6 game stretch last year. What's even more concerning is the lack of competitiveness. Right now, Phil isn't competing and while I strongly believed that you had to give these kids 10 starts before doing anything I fear he could be lost if the carnage isn't stopped now.

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Mike said...

Anything to get him away from Dave Eiland!

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