Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where are the Walks?

Team OBP - .327
Only 1 regular has OBP above .400 (Matsui)
A-Rod - .343
Abreu - .327
Giambi - .325
Jeter - .300
Cano - .217
The Yankees as a team have been out-walked on the season 90-85.

In addressing what is going on with the Yankee O so far this season no one has really talked about how poorly the Yanks are doing at working the count and taking walks. A staple of the Yankee offense for years, the Yanks have excelled in the past at getting the starter's count up and feasting on a team's middle relief.

While our average with runners in scoring position needs to improve, if we get back to working the count I think we'll see a vast improvement in our offence.

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