Sunday, December 9, 2007


If the Yanks can convince Peter Angelos to trade him within the division, I believe the Yanks should focus their trade efforts at Erik Bedard rather than Johan Santana. There are reports that both the Yanks and Red Sox (SHOCK!) have made what amount to the best offers for Bedard, but that Angelos has yet to allow him to be traded within the AL East.

First, this is a trade we advocated in earlier posts. Check out the numbers...Bedard is trending up, had a better year (in a hitter's park) and will cost significantly less.

Second, if we offer the same package that I suggested we offer to the Twins (Kennedy, Jackson, Horne and Melky) I think the O's jump.

Johan HAS BEEN the better pitcher; I believe Bedard will be better going forward.

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