Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Wait for THE LIST

From MLB Trade Rumors;
"I did receive one tip on this topic - my guy says the Yankees are in for a bad day (but Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are not in the report)."
Pretty much anyone but Jeter and Mo I can handle. Pettitte would hurt but not like those two. I wondered yesterday about the timing of his press conference, the day before the list is released. Also, his relationship with Clemens puts him under suspicion. I suspect we will see Giambi, Clemens and maybe even a couple of relievers on the list. All we can do is wait and hope this doesn't hurt too bad. As was written on RLYW;
"A report that was prepared by a director of the Red Sox is going to list several prominent Yankees? Shocking…"
Also, from the Boston Herald;
"Mitchell does not have an equity stake in the Red Sox, as a thorough report by former Herald scribe Howard Bryant details, but he is expected to resume a paid role with the organization once the investigation is completed"
This should be fun....

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