Sunday, December 16, 2007

So what?

Andy says he used HGH twice in 2002.

2 things on this -

First, I think the "I only used it twice" line is something we're gonna see a lot. In other words, I did it, but it had no real effect on my career, so I'm not really a cheater.

Second, I could care less if Andy used it twice, ten times, or every day since birth until it became illegal. The day it became illegal, though, he had better of stopped.

It sure doesn't hurt his case that he is Andy Pettitte. Find me a Yankee fan who doesn't love him and...well, I bet you can't. The only thing you need to say about Andy is that if he had been on the team, the '04 debacle would have never happened.

Read that last line again, fellow Yankee fans...while it should be easy, think of that if you have a tough time with the forgive and forget.

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