Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fun With Google - Yankees Style

Since it is a slow news day I thought I would use google's Keyword tool to see some of the popular Yankee related seraches. We already know Latroy Hawkins sucks but what else can google tell us?Lets look at some Yankee keywords and see what it reveals;

What? - Derek Jeter
  • "derek jeter cologne" - please people you have to be kidding me
  • "derek jeter jessica biel" - ok, I won't judge
  • "derek jeter hurricane" - this is the batting machine he plugs
  • "derek jeter dating"

What this tells us? Jeter is a whore with women and for money. Who can blame him? Its his world and we just live in it.

What? Alex Rodriguez

  • 6 of the top ten searches are picture related
  • "Alex Rodriguez contract" - no shock here
  • "Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez"-Boston fans I guess
  • "Alex Rodriguez wife"

What this tells us? Arod has a huge contract, a popular wife and people love looking at him. The picture thing kind of shocked me. His picture searches and his searches in general seemed larger then Jeter's which surprised me. Also, I expected Alex Rodriguez sucks to be a lot higher.

What? - Joe Torre

  • "fire joe torre" - third on the list

What this tells us? Good luck in LA, you won't be missed.

What? - Yankees

  • "yankees suck"
  • "damn yankees"

What this tells us? People love to hate the Yankees.

What? - Red Sox

  • "alex rodriguez" - the 15th most popular red sox search term was Arod
  • "babe ruth" - 17th on the list
  • "johnny damon" -11th
  • "yankees" -5th
  • new york yankees"-12th on the list

What this tells us? Despite their recent success Red Sox nation still feels inferior. They can win twice in four years but little has changed. In the end, they will always be losers and can only think about their team in the context of how they are stack up against the Yankees. Thanks google for reminding me we are THE TEAM and no matter how many times the Red Sox win that will always ring true.

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