Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It was the Money?

According to Bill Madden;
"Believe it or not, the final decision not to go through with a deal that was on the table - one that would have sacrificed Hughes, Melky Cabrera, 23-year-old Double-A righthander Jeff Marquez and 22-year-old A-ball third baseman Mitch Hilligoss - was based on money. "
A couple of things here, if that was the final package I am shocked the Yankees pulled out. Also, have the Yankees EVER not done something because of money? The only time I can remember it is with Carlos Beltran.

This is a great sign because it says that Cash is indeed still in charge and not the bumbling mouthpiece Hank Steinbrenner. Also, three pitchers under the age of 23 anchoring our staff can have devastating effect on the rest of baseball. The Yankees can concievable sign Mark Texiera(say 21mil/yr), CC Sabathia (20mil/yr), and Adam Dunn(15mil/yr) and still not be at the 200 million dollar threshold next year. This has to scare the rest of baseball to death.


Thomas said...

I hope you are right about the youngsters. If they suck all year, you will hear from me all year. I have been down the "these kids can't miss" road. I have seen much in my 43 years of following the Yankees. People want home grown but we won without home grown before. Cone, Gooden, Roger, Torres, Catfish, El Duque, Kenny Rogers, Wells, and Abbott.

BombersGM said...

We have won before without a lot of homegrown pitchers but since the dynasty ended we have tried and failed with imports(Brown, Vaquez, Johnson, Pavano, Weaver, Contreras). I think it is time to try and develop our own.

Also, the two most important pitchers the championship years were Pettitte and Rivera, both homegrown.

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