Thursday, December 6, 2007

The New York Fan Myth

A constant reason given for the lack of patience of New York franchises is the fact that the fans simple won't accept rebuilding. Apparently we are too stupid and impatient to allow for a team to do something for the future and we will forever turn to some other passion like bowling or canasta. It is the excuse the Knicks give for Isaiah disaster and the Rangers for years used it as an excuse. Now there is some truth to the fact that fans won't show up to games if the team sucks. We won't, but that makes us no different then any other city. However, after the Johan non-trade the fan reaction should show that we are smarter or at least more patient then we are given credit for. I ran into two polls one on River Ave Blues and this one on

Both are landslide victories in favor of keeping the kids and not getting Johan. Meanwhile the move has been killed in the press by the Bergen Record , the Post, and Peter (Theo’s Secret Lover) Gammonds said he thought the Yankees would change their stance after the backlash of negative publicity. Hank apparently missed that backlash. He mentioned about the positive feedback he has gotten from the fans;
“They’re the ones that buy tickets and watch the YES Network. I like the way they get attached to homegrown Yankee players, just like the rest of us do in ownership and the front office. I was actually kind of surprised. But the fans seem to be in favor of keeping Hughes, and that’s a good thing.”
What is clear is the PRESS are the ones who can't handle a little youth movement. They want the big trade and the big flop ala Randy Johnson, it sells. The fans on the other hand are more intelligent then that. We can and will wait for our team to do things the right way. So please can everyone stop saying us New York fans won't tolerate smart baseball decisions like investing in youth ? This is the one thing I think the Johan situation should prove once and for all.

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