Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Marlins are Rich!

The Florida Marlins have reached the point where their highest paid player is Kevin Gregg and their total payroll projects to be around 8 million. Before you say those poor, poor marlins, I say hold on a minute these guys are working the system! Some Marlin facts:

  • Florida owns the tenth largest MLB market
  • In 2006 they had revenues of 122mil
  • In 2006 they had a profit of 43.3 million
  • In 2008 they project to make around 60 million dollars in profit

Most of the data for my rough estimates were capture from Forbes. So don't cry for the Marlins, they are simply more intertested in making money then winning games.

Now,back to you regularly scheduled Yankee programming......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

now that the marlins ar eso rich they should try to rack in a couple of big time players so that they might have a shot at the world series title this coming up season.

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