Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Potential non-tenders

Rotoworld has a good list of potential non-tenders for tonight's deadline. The only interesting names on the list (in my opinion) are Mark Prior, Yhency Brazoban and Vinny Chulk.

If Prior is non-tendered I do whatever I can to sign him. Anytime the risk is only money and the upside is a 26 yr old stud, I take the chance - period.

Brazoban is a former Yankee farmhand traded to the Dodgers as part of the Jeff Weaver/K. Brown trade in 2003 (ugh!). He has a live arm and while he is coming off shoulder surgery could be a nice 'pen pickup.

Chulk is also a potentially good 'pen pickup. He pitched very effectively for the Blue Jays in '04 and '05 before struggling with San Francisco in '06. He had a good partial year for the Giants last year posting a 3.57 era and 1.26 whip in 57 appearances. Chulk is coming back from a circulatory problem that cost him the final 5 weeks of the season.

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