Friday, December 14, 2007

Yankee Haters Unite!

So the report is out and there are a number of ex-yanks on the list. This is prompting the vast anti-yankee universe to start spewing all kinds of crap about how the dynasty is "tainted", and even prompted one ignorant Met fan with a platform to demand an apology from the Yanks for kicking their a@@'s in 2000.

What a load!

The only 2 players in the Mitchell report that made any significant contribution to the 2000 drubbing of the Mets were Clemens and Pettitte, and the report says Andy used in 2002 and Clemens started in 98. Having been a Yankee fan for 30 years I realize that the majority of the media is gonna take any chance they get to slam our beloved bombers; this, though, is insane! Every team has major contributors that are on the Juice, the Yankees just happened to have their major supplier exposed.

One more thing - how does this report come out and there are represtentatives from about every team (especially the Yanks!) and there are no Red Sox on the list? You have to think being a member of the front office Mitchell had access to inside information but none of that came out in the report.

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Anonymous said...

Mitchell report is Skewed, Why no Big Mac, Sammy Sosa, Varitek, Garciaparra and the Big Fat Slob who is the DH for the Steriod Sox?

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