Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Odds and Ends

First, Joe Torre won the 'This week in Baseball' manager of the year award;
" Torre won the award in fan voting, which was conducted exclusively at"
Fans like Joe? What fans? I certainly don't know any of them.

Andy's new contract was made official

Wang wants a long term deal and I bet the Yankees don't give it to him. The Yankees always take this stance and it ends up costing them in the long run.

Bruney will probably be back next year. I like Bruney despite his wildness. He doesn't get hit much, strikes a lot of people out and keep the ball in the ballpark. Worth a gamble for another year.

Pavano is still a moron .

Finally, we await the George Mitchell report tomorrow morning. While respectable media outlets can't guess on the names that will be included, I can. Here is my list of probable brand-name players to be mentioned(excluding the no-brainers like Sosa, McGwire, Bonds, Palmeiro);
Mike Piazza
Roger Clemens
Miguel Tejada
Todd Helton
Greg Vaiughn
Brady Anderson
Brett Boone
Troy Glaus
Randy Johnson
Eric Gagne

And some players I would love to see on the list;
David Ortiz
Curt Schilling (How great would that be?)
Johan Santana (Price would go done significantly then)
David Eckstein (Because he annoys me)

Some players that would really bother me to see on the list;
Alex Rodriguez (Can't make the pain of Bonds go away if he's on the list, and imagine that hate for him if he is?)
Andy Pettitte - His ties to Clemens bother me, one of the true good guys in the game
Derek Jeter - Very little chance of this (where are the HR's?!?), but still would shake the very foundation of Yankee-dom
Mariano Rivera

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