Saturday, December 1, 2007

Johan Gets closer?

From Peter Ab;

"The AP is now reporting that Phil Hughes is part of the offer for Johan Santana along with Melky Cabrera and a “mid-level prospect.”
In a new twist, the wire service says the offer could have an expiration date of a few days as the Yankees are prepared to go after Danny Haren."

I think Phil Hughes could be better then Haren as early as next year. Take a look at their numbers from last year and the gap is a lot smaller then you think;
Haren -Whip - 1.21, H/9- 8.65, K/9 - 7.76
Hughes- Whip - 1.28, H/9- 7.93, K/9 - 7.18
Let just hope any package for Haren has Hughes off-limits.

The more this plays out the more it seems inevitable that Hughes is gone and Johan is here. The Haren talk is most likely a ploy to force a Minnesota decision, along with the deadline ala Johnny Damon. The Yankees will be better because of it and it is a move you have to make - a proven ace for a potential ace. But why do I not feel excited? Is it due to Brown, Vasquez, Contreras, Johnson and Weaver flashbacks? I think maybe I have just come to expect every starter we acquire will let us down. That is why it was so exciting to have the homegrown three....

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