Monday, December 3, 2007

Johan Santana Waiting Game Continues

The Johan saga drags on as there is word that the Yankees and Twins could be meeting into the night to discuss a deal. Also, as this thing plays out I think it is clear that the Red Sox are in this just to try and keep Johan from the Yankees. When they wanted Beckett they went at him hard and the same for Schilling. Also, with Bedard and Haren on the market if Theo really thought he needed a pitcher would he say he was content to let this thing play out as long as it needed to?

The question is how to react to that from a Yankees perspective. My immediate response is the Red Sox are trying to manipulate the prince of Santana up but then I came to another conclusion - they fear him on the Yankees. They will stay in this all the way to the end so they get a chance at matching the Yankee offer and possible keeping him from playing here. As a Yankee fan that should make me want Santana very very badly. He is clearly a player who will take a team from World Series contender to unstoppable juggernaut. The Red Sox know this and they want nothing more then to disrupt this deal enough so it does not happen, drive the price up just enough, create just enough confusion and hopefully Johan stays out of the Bronx is their thinking. My gut says it won't matter, by this time tomorrow I expect to be hearing of a contract window and then a whole new waiting game will start albeit an inevitable one.

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