Saturday, December 8, 2007

Johan Deal Won't Die

Yesterday we get word the Yankees were tryign to unload Matsui, possibly to clear some salary and then today the Ny Post is reporting Hankdestein is back tracking on his ultamatum;

"While Hank Steinbrenner acknowledges that he hasn't slammed the door on a potential blockbuster deal for Johan Santana, several possible trade chips the Twins might want are "as close to untouchable as you get," the Yankees' senior vice president said Friday."

Jeez, and I thought this guy said no more interviews?

""Like I said, I feel I have a duty to let our fans know as much as I can with their team, although sometimes I do go too far," he admitted. "In the respect of being the front guy, that's gonna slow down now. This is my last interview."

Guess not.

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