Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santana is going to be a Yankee

According to Murray Chass, the Twins have reduced their demand from the Yanks for Johan Santana. WHAT A SHOCK!!! You mean to tell me that the awesome, stupendous offer that the Red Sox made is really not good enough after all? What a joke!

As we have said many many times here at YankeeGM, the Twins have no interest in Santana for the Lester/Ellsbury, Lowrie, Materson etc. package.

I have no doubt that Johan will be a Yankee. Continued patience by the Yankee brass will result in our getting Santana and keeping Hughes. Our proposed package of Kennedy, AJax, Melky and Horne plus one blows the Sox' offer out of the water. The only question is, can Hank keep his finger off of the trigger long enough for that to happen?

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