Saturday, December 1, 2007

Leaks? or plants?

Everyone (literally) is reporting that the Yanks have decided to include pending HOF'er Phil Hughes in the trade for Johan Santana. I find this quite curious...didn't HankdeStein JUST say that there would be no more information coming until something was either done or dead? If the Yanks had decided to include The Messiah in a trade for Johan, what possible benefit would come from leaking it to the press?

What I am hoping is that this is just a planted story in an effort to get the Red Sox to up their ante to include more of their upper-level prospects. At this point I am really hoping for one of 2 scenarios to play out - 1. The Yanks are able to land Johan with a package that does not include Hughes; or, 2.Johan ends up traded to the Dodgers (or somewhere else where we won't have to deal with him).

Either scenario works for me - if we land Johan and keep Phil I am happy. If Johan goes out west and we are able to use Kennedy plus to land Bedard or Haren (in that order)I am happy.

Either way, I find the "leaking" of this information rather suspect!


phatbag said...

how long is Hughes contract? If its under 4 yrs i say let him go and get him back we by the time hes 26 and has mastered pitching in the show, let him learn the batters and get the losing out of his system for the twins. i remember a great prospect named Eric Milton that we traded away for Knobloch who helped us win 3 world series before he got the yips. I believe Milton is a free agent that seems nobody wants( because hes horrible). Santana is one of the best pitcher in baseball. i do think phil is/or willbe the real deal but we need one more ring in the house that Ruth built Santana helps us get that .. Hughes in a couple of yrs will help us get it in the house that pay-rod i mean Arod built

YankeeGM said...

phatbag -

Hughes just came off his rookie year which means the Yanks control him for at least the next 5 years. He will be eligible for arbitration after his 3rd year, and free agency after 6th. There are some players termed 'super two's' who become arb eligible after their 2nd year, but either way he would be a Yank until after the 2012 season.

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