Monday, December 17, 2007

Yanks Have Interest in Prior

According to Anthony McCaron, both the Yanks and Mets have interest in the soon-to-be 27 year old former stud, and have reached out to his agent.

As has been blogged many times on this site, we are not only in favor of Mark Prior in pinstripes, but feel it is something the Yanks HAVE to go after hard. Imagine a rotation of Pettitte, Wang, a healthy Prior, Joba The Beast and Hughes; or Santana, Pettitte, Wang, Prior, Joba - ouch!

Unfortunately, if I am Mark Prior, and the offers are fairly equal, I probably go to the Mets. Shea is a very friendly pitcher's park, the NL is akin to AAAA when compared to the AL, and Prior would basically be guaranteed a rotation spot based on the Met's current weak set of arms. All of these facts will help him score big on his next contract if (when) he comes back healthy.

Hopefully Cash blows him out of the water and we sign him for at least a couple of years. I'm worried, though, that he'll take the easier way out and stay in the NL.

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