Thursday, December 13, 2007

Deliver us from Evil.....

Enough about steroids, Mitchell and the whole damn thing - it's over! Some did and some didn't. As long as no one does from here in I say - It's Done! Back to baseball...

Deliver us from Evil

Note the capital E; Evil in this case is a proper noun.

The Arod contract was announced today and Alex said some things that I can't let slide. From the AP -

Rodriguez said opting out was "a mistake that was handled extremely poorly."

A-Rod said Boras gave him the impression the Yankees weren't interested in bringing him back, which surprised him.

"Our goals were not aligned," Rodriguez said. "It felt funny to me."

Boris told Arod that the Yanks didn't want him back, huh? When are these players going to wake up and realize that the only 'Player' in any negotiations that Boris is ever looking out for is himself!

This was Boris' chance to handle the biggest, most important contract in the history of MLB and he lied to his client?!?

If I had to do it again, I would've called Hank from Day 1 and negotiated myself," Rodriguez said.

So why the hell are you paying this man what amounts to about $14 million? It's a contract that "once (Arod) did get in touch with Steinbrenner and his brother Hal, an executive vice president with the Yankees, it didn't take long to reach an agreement.

"Within two conversations we got a deal done," Rodriguez said.

$14mm for 2 phone calls? Where do I sign up?

There is getting maximum dollar for your client's services, and then there is Boris and his ever expanding stable of clients playing in places that don't make them happy because Boris could squeeze a couple more nickles outta some suker owner. Luckily for Arod and the Yanks, in this case the client took charge and didn't let it happen to him.

I hope other players take notice of this and drop Boris on his fat keester.

Boy, do I hate Boris! Does it show?

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