Friday, December 7, 2007

Latroy Hawkins Sucks

With word that the Yankees are possibly interested in Latroy Hawkins I decided to Google him. As anyone with Google toolbar knows, as you type in your search you are presented with suggestions. Usually these are pretty revealing, like does the player have a hot wife? Can he fight(Farnsworth)?

Well here is what comes up for Latroy Hawkins;

Latroy Hawkins sucks
Latroy Hawkins cubs
Latroy Hawkins espn

When the first search suggestion is that a player sucks I think that is enough said! Stay away from him Cashman and his career 1.465 whip.

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CoastalBias said...

I won't be checking back on this blog so you can say what you want about me, but I went to more Rockies games last year than anyone I know (including 3 at home verse a team from the Bronx)...that said, I boo-ed the L out of LaTroy when Hurdle would bring him in. Please take him so Hurdle won't have him as an option to make gimme games close again.

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