Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mitchell Report Credibility Takes a Hit

Stumbled across this article on Salon.com about the omission of Larry Star in the Mitchell Report. According to Star he was interviewed by Mitchell's team four times and had the following to say;

"I have notes from the Winter Meetings where the owners group and the players association sat in meetings with the team physicians and team trainers. I was there. And team physicians stood up and said, 'Look, we need to do something about this. We've got a problem here if we don't do something about it.' That was in 1988."

Guess how many times Star's name was mentioned in the report? Yup, zero times. As this thing plays out I think we will find more of these convenient omissions by the Mitchell report. While I do not doubt the players named in the report did indeed take steroids what will end up being more telling in the end is what we find out was left out of the report then what was included.

The report was meant as a way for Selig to assure he would be looked at kindly by history not as a way to really figure out what the problem was and is.

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