Thursday, December 6, 2007

In the Driver's seat with Johan

Now that it has become obvious that the Red Sox were really only interested in keeping Johan out of pinstripes, the Yanks are completely in the driver's seat. While the Twins were able to make some ludicrous demands (The Messiah and Ikky) during the winter meetings by leaking the propect of Johan in Fenway, now that we know the truth we can sit back and let Minnesota come back to us.

Offer up Kennedy, Jackson, Horne and Melky and wait...

The Angels know they have enough pitching.
The Dodgers aren't parting with their best prospects; and after being burned on their last 2 long-term deals to pitchers (Brown and Dreifert)are gun shy.
The Mariners and Mets can't offer prospect packages that will touch this one.

Who else can pay him $20+mm per year besides these teams? No one!

If we simply leave that offer on the table and wait until, say, the beginning of spring training, I am confident Johan will be in The Bronx by opening day!

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johan critic said...

i dont think that johan should go to a team like the red sox sure they are the rainig world series champions but there are alot of team s that johan could help like the rising blue jays he could really help them make playoffs.

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